Remote connection to Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a very powerful device. One of the interesting and the most sought after applications of Pi is to remote control it. In the above video, I have discussed the methods to remote connect it. This blog post contains all the links and packages discussed in the video.

Google's WebIOPi :

Web interface to control GPIO pins of the Pi.


VNC Server:

Virtual Network Computing(VNC) enables to establish remote connection to the Desktop environment of the Pi. You can use your laptop's screen to mirror Pi's screen. Also you can use your laptop's mouse and keyboard to control Pi.

Link :

Weaved Package:

Weaved software is an awesome package enabling to control your Pi across the globe. This is the only hassle free and easy method to control your Pi remotely from your laptop/iPhone/iPad.


If have any trouble in connecting or have any query about the Pi, feel free to comment or mail me.

2 thoughts on “Remote connection to Raspberry Pi

  1. Hi! I am working on a university design project that requires the user to input their postal code (in Canada) from their phone into the pi and control it (turn the system on/off). I was wondering if you could help me at all with that!

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